This blog is intended to be an honest conversation about how differing needs, desires, and perspectives can either create conflict or promote collaboration.  Stories shared here have been written and edited to reflect my personal experience in the field of special education. Although my stories come from the experience of a professional, I have included my interactions and experiences with parents and other professionals in an effort to share multiple perspectives.

The names of students, parents, and colleagues and certain circumstances have been changed to protect confidentiality. I do not intend to hurt or upset anyone as a result of reading the information within this blog. If any reader has concerns about confidentiality or any other content, contact me so that I may respond to the concern.

This blog is intended to promote conversations that improve collaboration and that address issues of conflict, so comments that expand on the varying needs, desires, and perspectives of professionals and parents are encouraged.

Remember that the comments you share in this blog are public and can be viewed by other users. Carefully consider your comments before posting to ensure that the blog is safe and helpful for other readers. I reserve the right to remove or amend any comments that are offensive or that breach confidentiality.


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