Leading By Example

Leading By Example

Problem solving is such an important life skill. IEP teams are no stranger to problems… so what are we doing to model collaboration and problem solving for students? How are we involving students in the problems that we are trying to resolve?

“Every opportunity to problem-solve provides students with a chance to practice the important skills required to solve real-life every day problems.”


Self-Care: Establishing and Supporting Healthy Roots

Self-Care: Establishing and Supporting Healthy Roots

“On the surface we can all probably agree that self-care is important. We might even be able to recite the Top Ten Self-Care Strategies. But I’ve learned that believing in self-care and knowing the tools aren’t always enough. Putting these tools into practice, establishing healthy habits, accessing the support and resources to maintain these habits…. these things are all about trial-and-error.

But, there’s something else at the root of the matter, something that keeps self-care from our reach and that perpetuates the experience of depletion for parents, caregivers, and teachers alike…”